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behind. mickey ramirez cannot bear to go inside her home of ten years. >> i don't want to go in there until someone comes and takes it all away. i have nothing left. >> reporter: so her son gave us a tour. >> the water came up so pie, picked the couch up, spun it around and left it like this. >> reporter: about all they have left, the family photo album, now drying on a bench in the front yard. all of this water came from the onion creek. it's only about 100 feet behind this home. yesterday, it rose to its highest level in 92 years. so, sam, you could say this is almost a 100-year flood. >> no doubt about it, ryan. thank you. and it's just so difficult to know that sometimes the fall storms can be just as tough as the spring lines that we consider to be the strongest storms on the board. here's today as the system continues to move east. there's an area of low pressure that will kick up the winds today. so, watch out for those strong winds, 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds from boston to detroit. cincinnati, you're involved. knoxville, as well. we have an east coast of rain to ge
shoulder moves. then i do the wave. i don't want to brag, but i'm good. >> we bring them together for an exclusive head-to-head boogie battle. >>> i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> but i'm good. >> anyway, we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit, for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dancing. this is a great story and we'll have it for coming up. >> if there is an award for jumbotron operator, it should go to this guy. this is incredible video to watch. >>> also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally, the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, except for the pebbles falling from the sky. >> the record, ginger forecasted the rocks to fall from the sky. >>> also this morning, we have an abc news exclusive. we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, this is all in advance of "gma's" massive one direction concert co
pills were given to the swedish ambassador through beijing. they don't know if he got them. hopefully, they'll find out later today. >> always great to see you, bob. thanks. >>> now to the red-hot night of music. at the american music awards. big names. huge honors. performances that brought down the house. abc's cecilia vega was there for it all. ♪ ♪ carry me >> reporter: it was ladies' night at the amas. from katy perry's over-the-top show opener. to miley's closing number, complete with a lip-synching cat. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: lady gaga rode in on a human-powered horse. and then performed a presidential duet with r. kelly in their on stage oval office. the big winners, taylor swift, taking home four trophies, including artist of the year. >> you got the big one. >> i didn't even think about that yet. this is just so cool. >> reporter: justin timberlake celebrated a big night with three amas, including best pop rock male artist. >> this means so much to me. thank you. >> reporter: on the red carpet, katy showed off the bling. i have to see this rin
the little boy versus the usher. it was all caught on camera. >> when i do the wave, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> we bring them together for a head to head boogie battle. >>> i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> i'm good. >> we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dancing inspect is a great story. >> it's incredible is video to watch. >>> also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption except for the rocks falling from the sky. >>> also this morning, an abc news exclusive u we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, all in advance of "good morning america's" massive one direction concert coming up tuesday morning. >>> we're going to start with this historic deal with iran reached in the middle of the night. secretary of state jn kerry and
of these hubs start cancelling flights -- don't forget that new york gets 1 out of 10 flights every day -- when they start canceling, there's that cascading effect. that ripple effect that goes to the entire country. if you're flying to seattle or los angeles, you could be delayed, too. it is a big problem. u.s. air and delta, offering waivers to passengers, meaning they can rebook their flights. the problem, george, that doesn't mean they get home for thanksgiving. >> so, david, if you're heading to the airport today, what do you do? >> reporter: a couple things. do not check a bag if you want to get on a plane. and a couple of things. go on the website, check the airline. sign up for their apps. and if something goes wrong, tweet. george and robin, i'll tweet you. i'm getting on a plane and i'll let you know how it's going at 0,000 feet. >> okay, david, thanks very much. >>> let's go to josh and the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with new concerns about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. we learned that a deal that would keep american forces in afghanistan possibly through
is "catching fire" this morning. >>> buckle up. it's going to be one of those mornings. you don't need to know. we have a lot to get to this morning, including the latest headline from the yankees, alex rodriguez. he stormed out of a hearing and let loose, blasting major league baseball and the baseball commissioner. >> he said he does not think he's going to get a fair hearing. >> and we're on the eve of the kennedy anniversary of jfk's assassination. tapes from air force one not heard before in public. we're revealing them here. these are remarkable tapes. >> 50 years later we're still gripped by this. >>> but let's get right to the two plane incidents overnight. an enormous cargo plane landing at the wrong airport, on a runway way too small for the plane and the moment an emergency slide popped open on a jetblue airplane. david kerley is at reagan international with both. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, i got to tell you, these are two incidents that are really serious and raising serious safety concerns. this morning, a giant jumbo jet at the wrong airport. unable to turn around b
with that thinking think the government is going to turn to tyranny. but they don't have evidence that he had ties to domestic terrorists. >>> travelers at l.a.x., are telling terrifying stories of what they saw. moments ago, i spoke with jose mares and his wife, miriam rodriguez. here's what they had to say. thank you for joining us. where were you when the shooting began. and what did you see first? >> we were standing in line to get our ticket to board the plane. we were close to the end of the line. me and my wife were just talking. and then, from there, that's when everything happened. it just happened so quick. >> and had you noticed the gunman before he started shooting. >> just once he did. it was a quick view to him. and once the bang went out, that's it. it was kind of odd that a guy in blue just walking around with a big assault rifle. >> did you think initially that he was part of security or the tsa? >> oh, yeah. i thought -- well, he blended in good with it. i thought he was part of them. but it came to the point where he just had a rifle. okay, he's the only one with the rifle. so,
their challenges slow them down in this race to the finish. you don't want to miss this running. for the twins, it's a form of therapy. >> it's a great story. >>> we'll start here this half-hour with the latest on the shooting at l.a.x. we're learning more about the suspect paul ciancia. who's now facing federal murder charges, as we're learning more about what actually happened in the moment of crisis and what was written on the note that he was carrying in his bag. abc's david wright has been covering the story from the jump. he's at l.a.x. this morning. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning, the alleged gunman is in a hospital room a few miles away from here, said to be unresponsive after a gunshot wound to the head. if he ever does regain consciousness, he'll face charges that could take the death penalty. the criminal complaint filed in federal court saturday includes chilling new details about the rampage. the fbi said that he was dropped off at l.a.x. friday morning, in his bag, a smith and wesson assault rifle like this one, with five extra magazines, fully load
as well. a big $132 million jackpot. >> can't win if you don't play. >>> and the latest from the philippines. brand-new pictures coming in from the most devastating regions. and thousands of people trying to evacuate right now, including americans. our terry moran just arriving in the typhoon zone with u.s. marines. >> we're going to get to him in just a minute. >>> let's begin with the cold blast affecting so many americans this morning. ginger zee is here with that. good morning, ginger. >> you were throwing things at me yesterday. and it's our first kiss of winter for so many folks. this is a shot from white plains this morning. the flakes are few and far between. but believe me, they are happening. in northbrook, illinois, and cincinnati, ohio, the first snow. and you see just outside of chicago. and here. behind it is going to be really cold air. the windchills this morning are close to zero in a lot of the far northern plains. but look what it's going to be like tomorrow morning. if you're waking up in the south and saying, it didn't get here yet, i'm safe. yeah, that's
. they say he shot and killed himself in a secluded area of that mall. >> i don't know what got into him. he never told me anything about him being upset or depressed or anything was wrong. >> reporter: and what about those allegations of drug use? well, his friends tell me that he did, in fact, have trouble with drugs in the past. but that he cleaned his act up. or at least, lara, they thought he did. >> all right. gio, thank you. sad situation. >>> we turn, now, to josh with the morning's other top stories. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to begin with what's being called of the most sophisticated bombing attacks in recent years in china. seven explosions rocked communist party headquarters in the northern province. killing one person and injuring many more. the country on-edge after the apparent suicide attack at tiananmen square last week. that attack left five people dead. >>> also, a violent protest outside of buckingham palace in london. demonstrators there, some wearing masks, launched fireworks at the palace walls, even setting a fire outside the gates, all fury coming ov
's an unspoken language going on. >> reporter: robin and allen said they don't know where their family will be without running. >> they don't live a normal life. this connects with them and makes them happy. >> the twins are running today for the association for science and autism treatments. alex is hoping to beat his personal best. which he set in boston. jamie just hoping to get through this race. he was traumatized by the chaos in boston. today he'll be running with his ipod. a very inspiring pair. >> as you mentioned, linzie, this really is a bonding experience for the entire family. >> lot of people running today ran in boston. linzie, thank you very much for that reporting. great story. >>> coming up on "good morning america" -- harry hacked. prosecutors said that the prince's voice mail were illegally intercepted by british tabloids. the juicy scoops they were allegedly trying to get. >>> plus, they're promising that this will be an awards show you'll never ever seen. the first-ever youtube music awards. we're live coming up. >>> and kerry washington on snl. the actress' identi
. >> when the words are in context, i understand how people are concerned the people don't know how jon and i communicate. >> reporter: incognito says martin didn't blame him for the apparent breakdown. allegedly writing this text. just know i don't blame you guys at all. it's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. in fact, incognito said he and martin exchanged 1100 text messages in the 18 months martin was on the team. in the locker room, every player we talked to said it seemed as if they had been best friends. >> thank you, matt. adam schefter joins us now from brist bristol, connecticut. good morning, adam. give us your take. >> i think we saw yesterday. there are three sides to this story, robin. richie incognito's. jon than martin's. and then there's the truth. the investigator that the nfl appointed last week is going to be speaking to jonathan martin later this week in los angeles. jonathan martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment. and it will be up to ted wells to
a taser to the mall? >>> and they don't call him russ-diculous for nothing. russell westbrook with an amazing come-from-behind, overtime, buzzer-beater. wait until you see this play. >>> good morning, everybody. also coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, a mystery illness in las vegas. dozens of young football players becoming violently ill right in the mildle of their championships. many of them rushed to the hospital. our dr. rich besser is here with more on this. >> some of the kids as young as 7 years old. >>> also ahead, miracle rescue. a teenager plunges 80 feet off a cliff. how the young girl survived that fall and the freezing temperatures would help to save her life. >>> there's a lot of other developing news this morning. for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we have breaking news overnight. the north korean government has reseriesed this video of a captured american, merrill newman. the 85-year-old korean war veteran was arrested during a visit to north korea. that was last month in october. in the video, newman apologi
plane and caused the collision. but we don't know for sure. >> reporter: very lucky indeed. no one suffered major injuries. believe it or not, just cuts, scrapes, and a few bruises. lara? >> all right, thank you, alex. >>> another close call now. this one at cirque du soleil. when an acrobat slipped and fell during the wheel of death act in las vegas, just days after the company was fined for a fatal accident in june. john muller is here with the details. good morning, john. >> it's called the wheel of death. it almost earned its name. a man that fell from the wheel remains in the hospital. for cirque du soleil, the timing couldn't be much worse. it's called the wheel of death. this morning, one cirque du soleil performer is lucky to be alive after falling from this double-wheeled contraption. that spins performers through the air. sources tell abc news junior espinosa is in stable condition after slipping off the wheel on friday night. cirque du soleil would not confirm his identity but told abc news the show was halted and the artist transported to university medical center. in 2
. >> reporter: but were still perplexed about the whole controversy. >> we don't have anything bad to say about jonathan. i think it's just confusion. >> reporter: right now, incognito is still on the miami dolphins roster but on suspension, we don't know if or when he will return to the team. bianna? >> clearly a man trying to save his career and reputation. aditi, thank you. >>> we'll turn now to the disaster in the philippines, where officials fear the death toll could hit 10,000 after one of the strongest storms ever cut a devastating path of destruction across the country. we're now getting a clearer picture this morning of the extent of the massive damage, caused by the supertyphoon. abc's ginger zee is here with the latest. ginger, unfortunately, these numbers are expected to climb? >> it's stunning, too, the actual storm is now well west of the philippines. now we get to the second storm. the part where relief can't get to the people that need it. they don't have water. they're searching for food. communication, transportation and power all shut down. beaten and trampled. this morning,
hot electronics. rebecca, thank you. >>> of course, you don't have to brave the crowds or the cold to get great deals. there are plenty of bargains just a keyboard click or two away. my kind of talk. becky worley is live via skype from oakland, california. we woke you up at 4:00 a.m. your time just to get the three best deals online right now. thank you. you're such a trooper. take it away. >> i'm feeling solidarity with my other shoppers up early. let's get to the deals. especially in a few different categories. let's start with phones. specifically android phones. htc one. last week, it was $199. in the lead up to black friday, it dropped to $49. and it's just a penny today on amazon. two a two-year contract. let's move over to laptops. depending on what configuration you want, there are great deals. a good example of that is a toshiba satellite 15-inch model. this is 750 gigabyte hard drive, which is big, and most recent chip set. it's $324, plus free shipping. it's being sold in a know value way, it's being sold by toshiba on ebay through their toshiba ebay account. there are m
that's happened. i really don't know where to go from here. >> we saw that incredible video you were shooting as the tornado was coming in. tell us what you were feeling. >> i was feeling devastated watching it tear up the neighborhood as it came to me. i thought it was going to curve and at the last second, it didn't curve. and i took off running trying to get in, and watched my whole house just vanish around me, as it was flying by me as i was trying to get to the steps. i got degree hitting me. the refrigerator knocked me into the other room. i jumped to the stairs. i don't know how i did it. i got to the stairs and fell down them. my 19-year-old son, cherokee, pulled me into the basement and into the back room of the basement. >> this was your dream home, wasn't it? >> it was the home that we worked so hard through our lives to get, and to get our kids into a better neighborhood, a better town, a better school district and everything. we have only lived here two years. and our dream home is gone. >> mandy, what was it like in the basement with your babies as well? >> scary. i did
. and you don't want to miss these big "deals & steals" made in america. only on "gma." >>> well, we do hope you're sleeping in on this thanksgiving morning. a good morning to all of you, america. thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with us on this thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, as well, to everybody celebrating there at home. lots of bookkeeping to take care of. >>> sam, meanwhile. samuel j. joining us in philadelphia this morning. right there in the middle of the oldest parade in the country. we'll talk to him in just a bit. ginger zee, meanwhile, outside in the sub arctic new york. hopefully the balloons shall fly this morning. and it is great to have paula faris, dan harris and sara haines all here this morning. happy thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, guys. >> and thanks to everybody who tuned in to us this thanksgiving morning. >>> we have a lot to get to this morning. including lots of last-minute tips and tricks as you get ready to dig in with friends and family today. we'll let you know everything you need to know to get cooking. and sara promises to have good dess
dropped something to the floor, you don't know what was it? and then, after the several shots went down, that's when we all hit the floor. and we managed -- i managed to get on top of her. while i managed to get on top of her, that's when i reached for a lot of luggage and made a wall out of them. >> miriam, what was going through your mind when all this was happening? >> i was really scared. and i was shaking. i was just scared that maybe he was going to come towards me, my husband, or where we were laying at because he was able to peek out to where he was coming to. and he was like, i see him coming. i see him coming. we need to leave. so, he's like, we need to get out. so, he just told me, okay. he just grabbed my hand. and we headed out the door. >> jose and miriam, we are so thankful that you are safe this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i can imagine how frightful that must have been. i've been to that airport many times. we appreciate you joining us and telling us about what transpired yesterday. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jose and miriam were sched
. as you can see, arguing with the referees. don't read lips, kids. eye muffs. because of what happened on the final play there. the patriots were down four. he was picked in the end zone. a flag comes out. it looks like rob gronkowski was being interfered with. it might have saved the game for the patriots. the flag, though, was picked up. the panthers beat the patriots. 24-20. it is also once again apparent that this show is largely produced by patriots' fans. somehow, they will all be crying themselves to sleep when we're all done. >> it was an uncatchable ball. >> yeah, it was. i mean, there's a lot of parsing afterwards. it would not make our audience suffer. >> going to take a deep breath. >>> we're going to turn to washington now. and our new abc news/"washington post" poll, which shows president obama with the lowest support of his presidency. those troubles with obama care hitting hard across the board. 7 out of 10 americans now think the country is on the wrong track. and this comes amid new revelations that the administration was warned about the problems with the website as
at obama care, frankly, i don't think there's a way to fix it. >> reporter: and those disappointing enrollment figures not the only eye-popping numbers to come out yesterday. when asked about the cost of what that website is, so far, the chief accountant said $600 million. now, to put that in perspective, that's four-times what apple paid to develop all of our iphones. george? >> okay, jim. thanks very much. >>> let's get the day's other top stories from josh. >> hi, george. we're going to begin with some breaking news. we saw it at the top of the show. several homes near tampa being evacuated right now because of the sinkhole that opened up. crews evacuated at least seven homes overnight after reports that one home was, in fact, collapsing. sinkholes, are common in this area. in recent months, we've seen the devastating toll they can take. no injuries have been reported here. and of course, we will keep you posted throughout the morning. >>> and a big boost overnight for relief efforts in the philippines following that monster storm. the "uss george washington" has arrived to the i
, this week, every day is like black friday. so, you don't have to camp out overnight in front of a store to get the best deals. bianna? dan? >> i'd like to camp out anyway. >> you were going to -- you love doing that every year. >> i like to put my sleeping bag to good use. >> people go shopping on thanksgiving, to get people in the store. there's great bargains out there. >> there are. >>> better late than never. after a two-day delay due to bad weather, prince harry made it to antarctica where he is getting ready for a rice across the south pole. and we have more from london. hey, monica. >> reporter: hi, bianna. as you said, prince harry is raising money for wounded veterans for this very high-profile charity event. the team was ready to go in south africa. but they were stuck there because of bad weather conditions. as many feared, the weather is already causing problems for this expedition before it starts. touchdown at the bottom of the earth. stepping out in weather near zero degrees, prince harry and fellow soldiers landed in antarctica. they're here for a rice to the south pole.
. >> i'm disappointed. but i don't have comments. >> reporter: the prosecution put macneill's daughters on the stand, as well as two former inmates with macneill, saying he confessed to the murder. the defense maintained there was not enough evidence to convict macneill. martin macneill faces life in prison. he is scheduled to be sentenced on january 7th. >>> for more on this, let's bring in our chief legal analyst, and co-anchor of "nightline," dan abrams, who was covering this trial from the start. 11 hours. a lot of people think it should have been an open and shut case. >> 11 hours, not that quick for this kind of case. eight-person jury. so, a little easier to get unanimity among them, rather than a 12-person jury. the key question in this case, are the jurors going to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that she died at his hands. that was it. the medical examiner said we can't determine whether this was a murder for sure. initially they said it was natural causes. that was always the problem for prosecutors in this case. can they prove that this is a murder at all? seems the j
. we have the bat phone on the set here. don't worry. it doesn't have a cord. this is actually a cell phone. this is in case of emergency. we've been instructed to call america's newest superhero. >> that's right. not ron claiborne. but the newest one. 5-year-old miles scott may be needed to save the day once again. you never know. coming up, we'll show you how san francisco was magically transformed into gotham to make this feel-good story, a reality ending with a tiny superhero. there's a chocolate key to the city. >> it's great what they did in san francisco. we'll tell you about that coming up. >>> we're going to start here with college football player making serious and potentially damaging accusations against a coach at rutgers university. this comes months after a basketball coach resigned. lindsay czarniak is on top of it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. bullying in football locker rooms is at the center of the sports world right now because of the accusations that jonathan martin against richie incognito and the miami dolphins. but new overnight, we're lear
. what a trio. who had the biggest thrill in that trio? >> i don't know. i think it has to be the prince. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> i think he did. >> it was great. >>> what a great way to start this holiday getaway. 43 million people living on a prayer on the highways and in the air. look at those people coming in across the country right now. holiday travel mess, as the thanksgiving eve storm takes hold. a lot of travelers facing lot of trouble up and down the east coast. and the midwest. >>> and the travelers, including the champions from "dancing with the stars," the bad weather impacting them. the champions. derek, for a fifth time, amber riley. and they're just arriving right now. all bundled up. getting here to our studios as we speak. again, all the travel woes, it's great to have them here with us. >> can we have a count of how many times derek has won? >> five. >> five times, wow. amber was so jubilant when she won. saying, she wants women of all sizes to know they can do whatever they put their minds to. it was really inspiring. and well deserved. >> cannot wait to talk to the
that are a little too personal. and you don't really want to know. >> reporter: the fcc says it will consider allowing phone calls above 10,000 feet. >> if people are talking loud, i think that might be a little disruptive. >> it's much like a crying baby on a flight. >> reporter: the technology already exists. instead of using a cell signal, you use wi-fi. flight attendants are adamantly opposed. >> a terrible idea. overwell mingly passengers have rejected that notion and flight attendants don't want to have that on board, either. >> reporter: passengers would most likely be charged. what if you don't want to sit next to someone on the phone? would you have to pay for a quiet zone seat? >> passengers might not want the phone calls. if the airlines think they can make enough money off of this, they might go ahead with the plan anyway. >> reporter: if approved, the government is clear, it will be up to those airlines. and those airlines are not lining in formation in support. united, customers have expressed concern. jetblue, people may not want change. delta, asked if it would allow phone cal
is still on the miami dolphins roster but on suspension, we don't know if or when he will return to the team. >> clearly a man trying to save his career and reputation. >>> we'll turn now to the disaster in the philippines, where officials fear the death toll could reach 10,000. we're now getting a clearer picture this morning of the extent of the massive damage, abc's ginger zee is here with the latest. ginger, these numbers are expected to climb? >> it's stunning, too, the actual storm is well west of the philippines. now we get to the second storm. they don't have water. they're searching for food. power shut down. beaten and trampled. this morning, we get a closer look at the fresh wounds behind that historic storm in the philippines and the terrifying look at the moment of impact. the early numbers are staggering, the associated press is reporting nearly 10,000 people are feared dead. amidst the ongoing rescues, at least 150 are confirmed dead and more than 9.5 million people were affected by typhoon haiyan. i spoke to my husband earlier that day, he was telling me that ther
behind bars. is he facing federal civil rights charges next? i don't mind spending every day ♪ >>> he's cool. he's confident. he's seductive. now, it is official. rocker adam levine, revealed as "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. find out who else made the list, including one of our own, in moments. >>> good morning, america. new news coming in overnight. details about the dramatic crash of a lear jet, a medical flight just off the coast of florida. two people are missing. two people are dead right now at this hour. we'll have the latest on that just ahead. >> we will, we'll have an update. >>> also, it is the third and final day of our great car giveaway. and that mazda right there could be anywhere in the good old u.s. of a. cameron mathison driving right now. and all three have been so worthy. many people helping us deliver this car right here. you don't want to miss a thing. >> making a lot of people happy this week. >>> we're going to start out with this congressman making headlines for buying cocaine. trey radel is going to court today after being caught up in a sting. he's
or good cholesterol. if you get them out of the food supply it will save 7,000 lives a year. >> i don't know about the labels. that's the big question whether they should be outlawed. in 2006 they added it to tables. after the labeling it went down to 1 gram per day. by law, congress requires fda evaluates all food additives if they say they're not safe they have to get them out. >> what happens next? >> it opens upa 60-day comment period. after that, they have to be out of everything we eat. >> lara. >> now we turn to the new developments of the nfl hazing case. this morning, a special counsel set to dig into the allegations of the accusations. and matt gutman is there with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. investigators essentially being brought in to act as a referee, to make the call between two vastly different narratives. one, jonathan martin simply calling foul about something that is fair play in the nfl? or was he so brutally bullied that it drove him to a mental breakdown? miami dolphins lineman, jonathan martin, said he was so mercilessly bulli
is perfectly poised between two big rigs in a stunt that has the whole world watching. don't split before you see what happens. ♪ >>> and good morning, america. so much to get to on this friday morning. check out these live pictures from tampa. that massive sinkhole continues to spread. 50 feet deep now. you see two houses right on the edge there. they're in so much trouble. in fact what they're going to do today, is push those houses in the hole and cover them with sand. one resident interest there is saying it looks like a meteor. it sure does right there. >> it's so much bigger today than it was at this time yesterday. >>> and we have a heartwarming story for you on this tgif. the entire city of san francisco coming together to fulfill one little boy's wish to turn into yes, batman. >> it takes thousands. a fantastic story. they're all helping miles, 5 years old, become a superhero today. >> i love how the whole city is coming together for that. we'll share that later. >>> first, the president's apology on health care. saying he shoulders the responsibility for its failures. abc's jonath
the mall, we don't believe that he really intended to shoot anyone. there was so many people around him. the mall was closing in ten minutes. there were thousands of people. and many people just surrounding him. and the fact that he shot into the ceiling or randomly at other topics or other things, we don't think he actually went in there with the intent to shoot anyone. we think he went in there with the intent that he was not going to come out alive. >> and he allegedly stole the weapon from his brother? >> it was his brother's weapon. it was a lawful firearm. he stole it from him. as well as the motorcycle helmet. >> were people aware -- were authorities aware of this young man before what happened last night? we know that he has reportedly a drug problem. molly, the street name for that drug. what more can you tell us along those lines? >> he was known to local authorities. certainly not for what he did late last night. but he was known as somebody that used drugs, abused drugs, dealt in drugs, which may well have been the reason why he ultimately chose to do what he did last night.
. it's happening right now. isn't it, sam? >> this is one of the lifetime events that i don't think we'll see in our lives again. when we look at this storm right now, that we know of on the planet, the fourth-strongest tropical cyclone to ever develop. it is the strongest ever to make landfall, ever, ever. you can take this. let me show you what this looks like. take this eye. and let me get just a little bit closer into this. you can see it better as it moves in toward the northern islands of the philippines. this is a monster storm. really dropped only 30 miles per hour in wind speed when it had its interaction with the islands here. then it gets into more water and the story of this storm continues. but take words like destructive and devastating and we have to find new words. this morning, a deadly storm. now being called the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land in recorded history. here's an image of this massive storm from space. statistically, more powerful and potentially more destructive than our most tragic storms. superstorm sandy, hurricane katrina. overnight, supertypho
neighbor's baby died in a convulsion, because there was no medicine to bring down a fever. >> they don't have milk for them. >> reporter: the philippine government is struggling to meet the challenges here. so, the u.s. is doing most of the relief work. flying in more than 100,000 pounds of aid. bringing in more c-130 cargo planes. we spoke with general paul kennedy, leading the u.s. effort. how does it make you feel? >> makes me feel good to give back to people i've known for 30 years. it's nice to be able to help these folks. they have stuck with us through thick and thin. we ought to be doing the same. >> reporter: there was gunfire in the city today and a food riot in a nearby province, as the desperation increases here and people don't get the aid they need. this place is becoming a tinderbox. josh? >> terrifying ordeal. thank you, terry. >>> meanwhile, back here at home, it is the largest ever settlement involving faulty medical devices. johnson & johnson will pay some $4 billion to settle lawsuits over defective hip implants. patients reported difficulty walking and other seriou
with industry to cut down the problem altogether. when you're cooking your food, you don't overcook your french fries. instead of the toast, go for a lighter brown. you're going to cut down on it. but the overwhelming thing you can do is put variety in your diet. if you go with a heart-healthy diet, lean proteins, whole grains, you're never going to take in enough acrylamide that it's going to cause a problem. >> i can't imagine having dr. besser telling us to eat more french fries. >> yes. >> thanks for coming in. >> pleasure. >> thanks, doctor. >>> we have a different story right now. breaking news this morning, as you may be able to see behind us, they're putting up a bat signal in times square. this is a very professionally done bat signal. >> officials in new york are looking for help from america's newest superhero, the 5-year-old who took san francisco by storm yesterday. he's a little boy whose fight against cancer provoked thousands of people come together to make his dream come true. aditi roy was there. >> reporter: already victorious over leukemia, miles scott lived out his fantasy,
. >> what an absolute beautiful animal. check out the size of this rack. >> reporter: even donning a bikini to go bow hunting. her shooting an african lion ignited a fire storm. >> it absolute disgust me this whole story and how she can sit there with such pride and smile away. >> reporter: lions like these are beloved in africa, but a new report says 75% of the wild lion population has been killed in the last 20 years and u.s. estimates they'll be extinct from the wild in the next decade. not just the lions that have so many outrage, but trophy room, show her proudly posing with her photos. they signed a petition that she never be allowed to return to south africa. >> look at the size of this thing. >> reporter: we reached out to bachmann and her show and received no comment to counter the many angry comments online. it's thought the hunting part that people have a problem with, it's the total lack of regard for creatures that aren't meant to be eaten or hunted. >> that's very tough to watch. >>> now to an adventure of a much less controversial and more royal variety, prince harry is off t
donning a bikini to go bow fishing, her show and blog had achieved little attention before now. but her shooting an african lion, though legal, ignited an international firestorm. >> it absolute disgusts me this whole story and how she can sit there with such pride and smile away that's so disgusting and gruesome. >> reporter: lions like these are beloved in africa, but a new report says 75% of the wild lion population has been killed in the last 20 years and new estimates they'll be extinct from the wild in the next decade. it's not just the lion that have so many outraged. images in her website's trophy room, show her proudly posing with bears, alligators and childhood photos of her kills. they signed a petition that she never be allowed to return to south africa. >> look at the size of this thing. >> reporter: we reached out to bachman and her show but received no comment to counter the many angry comments online. most too angry for morning television. but one poster explained that it's not the hunting part that people have a problem with, it's the total lack of regard for creatures
dÍa >>la palabra la palabra >>acerquese. se la digo mÁs tarde, mÁs ad adelante, don pedro rivera nos revela cual es su nuevo reto, y mÁs adelante, son los estigmas anuncios divinos, vamos a ana z analizar el fenomÓmeno, mande so opiniÓn a hashtag estigma, ya analizar el fenomÓmeno, mande so opiniÓn a hashtag estigma, ya volvemos [ papá ] dejar que mi hija me ayude con las panquecas... solo requiere algunas precauciones. [ batidora ] eso y un rollo nuevo de bounty. bounty select-a-size. es la toalla pequeña con gran poder limpiador, que actúa como toalla grande. imíra! una toalla de bounty select-a-size es 50% más absorbente que una toalla grande de la marca líder. usa menos con bounty select-a-size la toalla pequeña con gran poder limpiador. y prueba bounty napkins. ♪ ♪ >>amigos, fijense que don pedro rivera pareciera decir que hay tiempo para todo, pues aparte de sus compromisos, musicales ha iniciado una fundacion >dejando de lado los problemas de la familia, deja todo de lado para dar paso a un proyecto
del horÓscopo don mario vannucci. >> adelante don mario. >> bueno mis amados dueÑos del universo lo malo que daniel tÚ tienes a quiÉn te puede dar el golpetazo en la cabeza muy cerca y diego lo tiene cuando llega a la casa y lo mudan, vamos a comenzar con nuestro tars copo, aries te sale la carta 10 de bastos un triunfo muy grande vas a tener en estos dÍas, aprovecha el 6 de bastos es un triunfo laboral, documentos y papeles. >> 23 y 18 tus nÚmeros. >> vamos con tauro, tauro cuidado sale una carta un poco dura podrÍa haber un juicio, algÚn asunto legal que se podrÍa asomar en estos dÍas tienes mercurio en oposiciÓn y podrÍa traer serias consecuencias. >> 76 y 53 tus nÚmeros. >> gÉminis y la cama caliente en prÓximos dÍas te sale sexo a manos llenas vas a tener una felicidad en el amor, aprovecha si tienes pareja aprovecha de mimarla. >> 11 y 9 tus nÚmeros. >> cÁncer tienes todo para resolver lo que deseas en estos prÓximos dÍas va a ser como un mago, vas a shacer magia con el dinero se va a multiplicar con estos dÍas aprovecha, 33 y 49 tus nÚmeros. >> seguimos co
esta don manuel >>muy bien. >>nada mÁs le falto hace prup prup pero bueno >>vamos a extraÑos en el tren, un thriller que debuto ayer con silvia pasquel >>la hermana dijo que llorando habÍa tenido trabas para iniciar su carrera cuando le preguntamos a doÑa silvia sobre estas trabas de alejandra guzmÁn , dijoque ellas tambiÉn las vivio >alejandra guzmÁn toco puertas a escondidas de su madre cuando tuvo grabado el disco, lo saco a la venta sin que la madre lo supiera y estuvieron sin hablarse varios meses >>lo se, tengo conocimiento de eso, en fresas con crema ella destacaba y si se fue a grabar escondida >estamos ya a la vuelta de la esquina de las fiestas, que mejor para esto que hacerlo con
mi mama e esta muy feliz con esto. >>> dentro de la boutique estaba gustavo y juan, doÑa rosa y don pedro rivera, contentos por t e tener a los nietos juntos. >>> se abrio la boutique, como s te sientes?.pues muy bien y ya e estan los vestidos. tienen ma maquillaje, ropa y accesiorios l los perfumes y mucho mas. >>> se vivieron grandes emoci e emociones aqui y la fanaticada e estaba contenta pero tambiÉn n sisi sintieron que se viviera el a v aniversario en monterrey, no aqui. >>> no podremos viajar, pero que nos pongan esto en televisiÓn. >>> lupillo, no friegues! no tenemos papeles. >>> digoq que tiene que deja o todoa tras. >>> espero que se reconcilien y que esten bien,. >>> eso fue lo que oi y para el naiv aniversario desean que la fam familia siga unida.nuestra diva estara feliz de estar con ellos. err regresamos a los estudios,. >>> esta padre y es precisamente como jenni se decia y bueno pl n planeo ir a la boutique. >>> antes de continuar alguien s sabe quien esta por aqui con a teatro? >>> ya les cuetnoy p nosotros estamso de rreegreso e tenemos los tips apara
)♪. >> ♪ (mÚsica)♪. >> (risas). >> don omar. >> ¿cÓmo don omar?. >> era pitbull. >> ay! no!. >> (risas). >> bueno, mejor, mejor no me adelanto. >> (risas). >> mamita linda. >> (♪). >> una mujer termina envuelta en llamas cuando cargaba gasolina y verÁn quiÉn fue el culpable, todo quedÓ captado en cÁmara. >> mi no so habla por primera vez despuÉs de participar en una fiesta donde mataron a un narcotraficante. >> entÉrese que procedimientos y materiales son los mÁs seguros a la hora de aumentarse los glÚteos. >> (♪). >> hoy lunes comienza la cobertura para "un nuevo dÍa" de todo lo que pasa en miss universo 2013 desde rusia moscÚ, por supuesto les tendremos el evento de trajes tÍpicos. >> (♪). >> nos visita la modelo actriz y ex reina de belleza, guapÍsima cynthia olavarrÍa. >> en vivo hablamos con jason s, protagonista de la esperada pelÍcula de acciÓn. >> ay! bello papi. >> cÁlmate. >> el cantante urbano que estÁ batiendo records y nos podrÁn a bailar aquÍ porque "un nuevo dÍa" comienza contigo. >> ♪ (mÚsica)♪. >> ♪ (mÚsica)♪. >> ¿cÓmo estÁn?. >> se estÁn
. >> ademÁs el patriarca de la familia rivera don pedro en exclusiva para al rojo vivo lanza un fuente llamado a su familia para que termine de reunific reunificarse antes del primer aniversario de la muerte de su hijo y tendremos declaraciones, pero falta muchÍsimo para que termine un nuevo dÍa asi que regresamos a los estudios con edgardo adelante. >> muchas gracias. >> ti centdicen que al mal tiem buena cara, en plena sala de cirugÍa para realizar una operaciÓn se puso a bailar fue tanta su emociÓn y buena energÍa y buena vibra y contagiÓ a todo el equipo mÉdico que iba a participar en esta operaciÓn aÍi que de buen Ánimo llegÓ hasta el quirÓfano. >> ahora llegÓ el momento de echate pa' a acÁ. >> ha llegado el momento de echate pa acÁ, karina que lo que vamos hablar es bastante fuerte y es de que acabamos de ver las imÁgenes del mimo so cantando en la fiesta en donde mataron un acÁ po ahÍ lo estamos viendo y fue el 18 de octubre en baja california sur mira. pasa el payaso y asesino a rafael arellano fÉlix. ahora el mimoso que a sabe en donde estÁ cantan cantando. mi que
recsume un disco co amigos famos en la historia de la mÚsica unrte aplauara don lucho gatica >>> gracias >>> bienvenido a su casa de " nuevo dÍa" cÓmo estÁ >>mejor questoy aquÍ >>qÉ bueno pense que usted era mexicano porque los canoss lo adoptamos, orgullosamente chileno, pero tambiÉn parte meno ya yshgs >>sin duda pque tengo ms nietos, muchos hijosmexicanos, y estoy feliz en mÉxico. y tambiÉn tengo familia en los Ángeles, lifoia, dos bellas hijas. Í que estÁ todo repartido. >>> quÉ bueno >>> esta maÑana haciamos un ejercicio dÁndole vuelta al disco me rmitesta >>> clar >>> cuandono toma este disco que viene a presentarnos q se llama uchoatica historia de un amor" y le da un vistazo a los tÍtulos dice dio mio aquÍ estÁ la historia de la mÚsica romÁntic en espaÑol esta Ésamemucho", quÁ ", l barca, sos, perdÍ fui, sabor a mÍ, sin ti y c contigo e distcia" >>> es el y del bolero >>>uÉ barbaridad ah!. >>> no soy rey ni a paje l > cuÁl esa favorita >>> de las canciones esa > la que meo foson Éxico, "nmepliques" >>> ah usted mestaba dicndo que fu grada, pero usted qu
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